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WordPress BootCamp Class

The first WordPress BootCamp class went well and there were quite a number of people there.  This post has some added notes.

Here is a link to a post on this site that has a good introduction to WordPress along with some brief videos – just click on the “full screen mode” of small PDF image at the top to open up the eBook

There is information in the above eBook on WordPress dot com and link – you can set up a blog there for free and later on you can move that blog to your own hosted WordPress site like what is being shown in the class.


To have a hosted account you will need to have your own registered domain name – most web hosting companies will include one domain name as part of their hosting package.  A really good domain name to own is your own name if it is available or a variation of your own name.  Lets say your name is Tom Smith  – try to get the domain name tomsmith dot com for example – you can spell this on say your business card as TomSmith dot com – domains can be written with caps or small letters – the domain sees it as all small letters – so when it comes to domains tomsmith dot com and TomSmith dot com are the same thing. note www.tomsmith dot com and tomsmith dot com are the same thing – use tomsmith dot com – NOT www.tomsmith dot com – your WordPress site can be set up so that either tomsmith dot com and www.tomsmith dot com will work

If you need to have another site say for your business or blogging niche it is often a good idea to get another domain name – lets same Tom Smith has a lawn mowing service so try for something like TomsMowing  dot com.  Domain names are unique so you may have to try different domains to see what is available with the Tom Smith example try things like

Tom.Smith dot com or Tom-Smith dot com or other variations the underscore is not so good or leaving a space which will generate an underscore – Tom Smith dot com will have to be entered as Tom_Smith dot com – domains cannot have a blank space –

It is usually best to have any domain other than your one free one you get when you buy hosting to be placed somewhere other than you web hosting provider.   If your provider goes down if you purchased you domain through someplace other than your host provider it is relatively easy to put up a new site somewhere else if needed to get your site back up again temporarily  until the problem with your provider gets fixed.  Also if you choose to change hosting providers it is a lot easier to move to your new host if your domain name is somewhere else.

Name Cheap and GoDaddy are a  couple of good places to purchase domain names there are many other domain registration companies available – a hint here if it cost more than $15 a year for a dot com or dot org site you are paying too much.  Make certain when registering a domain you also have domain Who IS privacy.  Some registrars charge extra for this others include it free.  Without domain privacy any one can look up your domain and find your address, email and phone number – spam marketers use this information to phone you, email you, mail you advertising and even go so far as come to your address to sell you something normally credit card processing, SEO, web site improvements, Local Listings and on and on and on.  I REALLY wish I had know about adding privacy to my domains when I first started to do this!


If you have a WordPress site you will need a place to put your site – this is called web hosting or server.  Shared hosting is normally OK to start and often all you need.  Be sure to get hosting from an established shared hosting provider.  Be careful about choosing a hosting provider – Top 10 shared hosting providers 2017 is one of many places that rates hosting – a couple of things to know – many of the best web hosting providers have been purchased by a group called EIG.  EIG now owns lots of shared hosting providers and continues to buy more.  Typically when EIG buys a hosting service their customer support goes down in some cases a lot, the quality of their hosting also often goes down and since EIG runs everything through their own internet portals if they go down typically a lot of hosting services go down – on Dec 9 – 2016 there was a major EIG outage – BlueHost, Host Gator and Host Monster as well as many other other EIG owned hosting providers went down and it was late the next day before they came back up.  Tens of thousands of individual web sites were down -down means no one can get to your web site and you cannot get to your website either.

Here is a list of EIG owned hosting companies along with a good article and a list of non EIG owned companies – this is a good article to read before you choose hosting.  In this class both Brandi and I do recommend BlueHost which has become an EIG hosted company and so does this article.  I have a number of my personal and client sites on BlueHost.  (I am in the long and difficult process of moving my sites somewhere else – I made the mistake of putting many of my Domain registrations on BlueHost and am moving them – have to actually move the domains before I can move the sites –

All of the top ten shared hosting in the above article are EIG owned expect for Yahoo, Go Daddy (neither of which would I recommend for hosting – and Idea Host which I have never heard of before.  Note here – GoDaddy is fine for Domain management.  In the non EIG list at the bottom of the EIG owned article are several recommendations.  Site Ground is the only one on that list I have personal experience with – and that experience has been very positive.