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WordPress Page Builders

It is very difficult to build custom pages in WordPress  just getting photos and text to line up using the standard WP editor is not easy and not consistent.  There are non WP site builders available that build pretty decent looking drag and drop website pages you probably have at least one included with your web hosting.

With WordPress there are plugins called Page Builders which give you the ability to drag and drop elements to create pages that look like you want them to look.  Many of these allow “front end” design.  What that means is you do your page layout from the front or from what the site actually looks like rather than working from the back-end control panel.  This front end drag and drop is more in line with the way the web site (non WordPress) builders work.

The down side of many page builders is many are based on short codes and if the page builder plugin is turned off – deactivated you end up with shortcodes visible all over your pages or even worse the entire site will crash.

Visual Composer from Code Canyon (envato) is an example of a very popular page builder – there are a lot of addons as well as tutorials available.

Beaver Builder is another one that is becoming very popular – Beaver Builder has a lot going for it and there are a large number of people developing new addons as well as tutorials for Beaver Builder.  There is a very active Beaver Builder FaceBook group where users tend to show and explain what they are doing with Beaver Builder.

Here are some links to articles comparing some of the more popular page builders – from codeinwp (always has good information BTW) a comparison of some of the top Page Builders including Visual Composer and Beaver Builder.

Here is a very good comparison between Beaver Builder and Visual Composer – one of the things not mentioned is while Beaver Builder cost $99 (for most people this is all you will need-the Beaver Builder theme included with Pro ($199) is just a blank theme – you should be able to create this type of page in about any theme.  All of these page builders are doing their magic in and only in the content module.  You can use Beaver Builder on as many sites as you want.  With Visual Composer this is the standard Code Canyon license – $34 for one and only one site – want to use it someplace else – you get to pay another $34.

What about Divi a popular theme that includes a page builder?  – First off I (and a lot of other professionals) am not a big fan on any theme that builds plug in functions into the theme.  Here is a good article comparing Beaver Builder and Divi that has a lot of information – the main thing I like about Beaver Builder is when you turn it off the pages stay the same.  Most of the other page builders scatter short codes all through your content and are a pain to remove if you turn off the page builder.

Page builder expand what you can do with WordPress and give you the ability to create custom pages that look like you want.  Also remember you can use most of these page builders to do custom posts as well.