Central Kentucky WordPress Users

WordPress 4.7 has been released

The latest version of WordPress – 4.7 has been released and there are a number of new features to be aware of.  The link above shows most of the new features plus that site is a good place to begin to learn WordPress.

Along with this new version of WordPress there is a new Default WP theme – Twenty Seventeen which has some nice features and unlike past default themes this one is focused on business themes and includes some starter content as well as improvements in the theme customizer.

There have been some minor changes to the WP dashboard editor – a plugin to know about is TinyMCE Advanced which will allow you to add a number of enhancements to the editor

Some people have had an issue with WordPress 4.7 not working correctly – the issue appear to be connected with the use of WP Caching plugins – just flusing the Cache seems to correct the problem

As is normal with a new major update of WP once installed go back and check to make certain your plugins and themes are all up to date – Note on Twenty Seventeen – it does not download automatically if you update it does appear with a new WP install