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Some Interesting WordPress Links

Here are some things that might interest you about WordPress, Hosting, WebSite Speed and so on

Hosting – seems like everyone is talking about hosting.  It used to be there were a lot of companies that offered offered various levels of hosting including the inexpensive and very popular shared hosting solutions – Blue Host, Host Gator, Host Monster are some popular examples.   What has happened is there is a large company EIG that has been buying out these smaller companies and basically making changes that are not desirable.  Here is a recent Comparison of Hosting companies. (note Blue Host and Host Gator are EIG owned companies)

Here is a free download for a free book “Modern Website Makeover” that is interesting –

In the WordPress Community there is a lot of talk about speeding up your website.  It is actually more than just talk – website load speed is important to user experience.  If your website takes a long time to load people will just click away from your site to someplace else rather than wait.  Here is an article on how to make your website slow – gives ideas of what not to do and helps to explain some things that slow down web sites.

Images and videos – hopefully you know NOT to use other peoples images or to use copyrighted material on your website.  There can be severe penalties including lawsuits for using copyrighted images on your web site.  The technology to scan images on websites is getting a lot better and the ability to identify illegal use of copyrighted material is increasing.  The solution is of course use your own images, art work and videos as much as you can.  Of course you often may not have an image of your own that works.  There are solutions – you can buy stock photos for example but even with these you have to be careful in that some stock photos have copyright restrictions and you have to know what these restrictions are.  There is an another way – use images and videos that are in the public domain – there is a vast supply of material in the public domain which you can freely use.  Here is a really great site of images and videos that are in the public domain and can be freely used.

Final tip – you may have heard of Lynda as a place for educational and training videos – the Pro version costs around $35 a month and typically people opt for an annual membership to access all of their courses – (seems like it is around $400 a year  that way)  You can get free access to Lynda through the Lexington Library if you have a Lexington Library card – go to the Collections Menu at the top – in the drop down is Lynda.com click on it and enter you library card and pin.