Central Kentucky WordPress Users

Basic WordPress Skills

At this meetup it is about backups – how to do a backup – how to store a backup off line and how to restore a site from a backup – there are some core skill listed below and backups are one of those core skills

Some of WordPress Basics Include:

How to install WordPress on your hosting server connected to your domain name – doing a manual install

Writing posts that include video, images, text and other features – using the Visual Editor and the Text editor – expanding the visual editor

Creating Pages – linking pages to navigation – adding media – linking to other media and other sites

WordPress security solutions – setting a site from the start to help with security – updating WordPress, themes and plugins – adding a security plugin and optimizing the security plug in settings

Back up your site – do not depend on the hosting company for backups – store your backups someplace other than your hosting server.  Restoring from a backup to rebuild a crashed or hacked site

Adding features – forms, dynamic widgets, RSS – Twittter – Facebook feeds, email lists, payment buttons

Basic SEO  – what can you  do to make your site more visible to the search engines and learning to use tools that show traffic, web site loading speed and SSL