SEO Search Engine Optimization – Getting your website found

Here is an excellent   introduction to SEO Video that I found – this is good common sense introduction to SEO – Further search on You Tube I found a number of SEO Tutorials from this same instructor David Murray – he is teaching good down to earth no hype training.  Here is Cheltenham Group You Tube Channel    This SEO series has really good information and is very current – it is well worth the time to watch the entire series.  There are even WordPress specific tutorial here.

Here is a Free (download to your computer) tool that can look at websites and shows what the Bots see and can give you a lot of information about web sites.  SCREAMING FROG

The place to start with getting your website “findable” is to have a Google account – set up a Google Profile (on your Profile be sure to put in your sites, your Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter etc account) , make sure you have a Google + account,  sign up for Google Drive, and make sure you have enabled things like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics – be sure to enable Google Analytics on your websites.   It depends on the theme – some themes will require a “snipet” of code added other themes have a place where you just enter a Analytics number.   Use the Google Keywords and Google Ad Words to learn what key words are good one for you to use – you will want to ad content that contains key words BUT be warned here DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SPAM GOOGLE by stuffing your content with keywords.   Just learn to write good content that is relavent to your website — start your post with a title and followup with content that is about what the title says it is.

Spend the time to learn about what Google has available – learn what Google is looking for when it Crawls your site – here is a Guide to Google Webmaster Tools

Remember that it is always far better to have a poor looking site that works and has good Google page rankings than it is to have a beautiful site that you have spent months and months on making it look perfect and Google can’t find it or you if Google has found your site and you show up on a number of pages in on Google search all of that work on your site has done you no good.

Start off with a simple site that shows what the site is about- why  you have this site.  Get that site up and running and then add to the site or change things to make it look better later.

Be sure to come back to this post – I will be adding to it.