Central Kentucky WordPress Users

WordPress Meetup Group Scheduled

A Central Kentucky WordPress Geeks and Techies Meetup has been scheduled.   The Meetup has been scheduled for 7PM Monday April 28 at the Cafe at Joseph Beth’s Book Store.   (Lexington Green)

Go to MeetUP by clicking on the link.   Please join the MeetUp group if you are interested in meeting other members.  Even if you cannot come in person to a MeetUp that is fine.  I will be able to set up a Go to Webinar viritual meeting running at the same time and from the real meeting location.  There is a sign up form here on this web site where you can enter you name and email address.  People on this list will receive the Go to Meeting emails with the links to the webinars.

Inside Joseph Beth’s to the left and in the back is the Joseph Beth Cafe.  There is an area inside the cafe and there is also an area which is outside but connect to the Cafe.  This area has tables for four and table for two in a row outside the Cafe and actually in the back of the book store.  There are windows that look outside.  I will be at one of the table for 4.  What makes this area nice is there are some electric outlets at some of table for four that are next to the windows.

I have found that when people attempt to contact me through the MeetUp site that it just emails me and I am not able to see those emails when I am away from my office.  If you need to contact me while I am at a meet up the best is to email me at rlheadley1@me.com which goes to my cell phone.

Hopefully at this MeetUp we can begin to plan what we want this group to do, when and where we will regularly meet.  At future MeetUps I hope that we will be able to have some sort of WordPress training or information session.  My ultimate goal for the group is to put together a WordPress WordCamp Lexington.  I recently attended the first Dayton (Ohio) WordCamp and thought this would be neat to duplicate for the Lexington KY area.