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Lexington Public Library for Meetups

I was able to visit several of the Lexington Public Library branches and learn about using their meeting rooms.

Each of the library branches have meeting rooms which can be reserved for meetings.  The biggest limitation is that a group can meet a maximum of 6 times a year at any branch – another limitation is that meeting rooms can be reserved for no more than 3 months ahead.

Basically it is possible to schedule up to 3 monthly meetings – the meeting rooms are on a first come basis and all meetings have to be approved by the library meeting coordinator.  The rule about no more than 6 meeting for a group in a 12 month period means that we cannot just meet at the same library branch for the entire year.

Here is what I learned – all of the library branches are off of either New Circle Road or in the case of Eagle Creek – Man of War.  I did not go to the Central Library downtown.  I personally do not like going down town – the one way street are confusing – it is difficult to park and I am not fond of downtown at night.  The branches are much easier to deal with and get to.

Northside – north of New Circle on Russell Cave Road – this branch has three very nice meeting rooms and is the most modern – the large room seats 45 – the medium room seats 18 and the small room seats 8 – food and drink are allowed, there is a nice well lighted parking lot and it is easy to get to.  This branch has the best computer equipment available.  Lots of computers and it has an amazing Apple Digital lab with the best video, audio and photo professional software as well as some amazing classes.

Beaumont – this branch is off New Circle at Harrodsburg Rd.  Get off New Circle at Harrodsburg going south – turn right immediately onto Beaumont – there is a shopping center here – the library is left and just beyond the shops.  There is a large conference room that seats 55 and a small conference room that seats 12.  We will be meeting here in the small conference room for the 30 June meeting.  This is the closest the where we have been meeting and is easy enough to get to.   Well lighted parking lot.

Next I went to the Tates Creek branch – which is “outside” of the circle (south).  Go south on the Tates Creek exit of New Circle – it is just past Armstrong Mill.  There is a large conference room that seats 49 and a small conference room that seats 20 and food is allowed.

Finally I went to Eagle Creek which is “outside” of Mar of War and off Richmond Road – they have large conference room which seats 40.  This branch will be closing soon and moved to a new location closer to Hamburg.  They also had a small conference room that looked like it seats 10 or so but that room is not on the place where you reserve rooms on the library website.

The library locations all have tables and chairs – they all have free WiFi and each of the conference rooms have at least one electric outlet – some have projectors and screens, some have a white board.  Each of the library rooms will work for our meetups.

I did not go to Village Branch off  Versailles Rd. – while they do have a large room it cannot be reserved ahead of time – it is sort of walk in and claim it if available – plus it is not in the best neighborhood – the parking lot is not the best place to be at night.