Central Kentucky WordPress Users

July 28 Meetup

The notes from the WordPress Meetup held on July 28 are available – the link below will take you to the PDF

Central KY WP Geeks July 28  

Included in the PDF are some adjustments you can make to how your WordPress site works.  While it is certainly not necessary to learn “code” to have a successful WordPress site it is helpful to begin to learn to be able to copy and paste some code to specific places on your WordPress files to make WordPress work better.

These settings and adjustments are added to the WP-Config.php file – to make some adjustments to how WordPress works.   I will try to get a video done on exactly how to add these small bits of code.

Also I will have a video up on this site soon – maybe next week on how to properly install WordPress manually.

One project I am working on is to create a WordPress site for each member of the MeetUp group so that each member will have a working WordPress install where they can experiment with WordPress – try new themes, play around with plugins – these site are just a “sandbox” where people can try different things and learn and not affect their “real” WordPress sites.   Also if you do not have a WordPress site yet these sites will be a place to learn about WordPress and will put you that much ahead if and when you decide to put up a WordPress site of your own.  I have one up already for Paul and I will be putting up one very soon for Jay.  Let me know if you would like a WP site to learn and practice on.